Worst Fashion Ever!

There are many great fashion trends in this world, but there are also some god awful ones that should never of been idolised! I’m not an expert, however I’ve seen some dreadful trends in my time, and feel that there should be knowledge of where to avoid wearing things that make you look like a five year old!

patterened-tightsThe first of these, being patterned tights. Now, who was it that thought that animal print floral rights would look good on people? Whoever thought that this would flatter us was very mistaken, as this has to be one of the worst trends that the world has ever seen, and is something that now is only worn by children, probably forced by their parents!

This trend however was topped for the worst spot, when someone decided that leg warmers were a good idea. These socks without feet overtook the world and were worn by millions when they went on nights out, to the gym, or even were taken by designers such as Michael Kors and brought into work wear.


Another trend that took the world by storm (for about 5 minutes) was wearing long sleeve tops underneath short sleeved ones. As seen below by Rachel in Friends. This trend was quirky and unusual, and was taken by many as a way to keep warmer – but also to enhance their fashion looks. top


The last trend I am going to talk about is low rise jeans. Now that high waisted jeans have been invented it is strange to think how people wore jeans around their hips, without flashing when they sat down. Popular for showing thongs, or just trying to look slightly more sexy. However did this really work?low-rise


(Education Purposes only)

(All images from Google Images)


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