The 90’s

The 1990’s. The year of the supermodel, Beverly Hills 90210 and Baywatch. All of these things, also brought with them some quirky and memorable fashion trends. It is said by some that the 90’s was the best year for fashion – and without a doubt, it was unforgettable!

Doc Martens were a strong contested for the worst, and greatest, footwear trend in the 90’s. Like marmite, either loved or hated. Some people swear by them, even to this quote-blog-spott-3day they own a pair, while others are repulsed by the idea. While an expensive shoe, they were sturdy, you could do almost anything in a pair of Doc Martens. Marilyn Monroe back in her day once said ‘Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world’. A quote that is lived by, however lots of people would disagree Doc Martens are a good example of this!


The leather biker jacket was also something that hit the stores in the 90’s, becoming the man’s most popular jacket, and a woman’s most popular steal from her boyfriend. Women walking around, in Doc Martens and oversized leather jackets is a theme across a lot of 90’s biker-jacketfilms and tv shows. However it was pulled off, quite amazingly by blondes, who also then brought in the ‘tousled messy hair’ look. The 90’s was also the year of men growing out their hair, which often led to very similar looks coming from you and your other half like in this photo on the right. Who knows whether this really was a good look, it seemed to work in the 90’s and is brought back by many people today who invest in similar clothing, and try to make it work!




One of the most iconic trends of the 90’s however, and one that mums still try to get their kids to rock at a very young age today, is THE JELLY SHOE! This item of fashion, is one that was targeted towards the younger generation, coming in all different colours. Some even with glitter. But who’s to say this was a bad trend, when our own generations fashion icon Kylie Jenner, is often seen with them on her feet. Now with heels on them, they are quite the party look for many people.





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(All images from Google Images)


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