When the seasons change, and oh in England they do, there must be preparation in your wardrobe! From big jumpers to little crop tops, there is quite the change in what is acceptable to wear throughout the seasons, and you don’t wanna fall behind… Heres a quick guide of what we think will be in this year!


Summer and Spring 2017, what can we expect? It would seem that in the shops the colours are becoming brighter and brighter by the day. This summer we can expect to see bright colours, floral pbrightsrints from head to toe, and a classic minimalism look. From sky blue to Kermit green, the only rule is – wear a lot of it! This has upset many people, as for some, black is the only colour that they will be seen in, a holy grail colour for them. The swarm of colour that is hitting the shops is clearly disturbing, but I love it!!



This Autumn and Winter, expect to see a lot of trends returning. The feminine masculine tug of war appears to be back, withmini-coats-fall-winter-2016-2017-321zpoz4yrgm57ir6e1t6y women rocking full suits and non gender specific clothing. The long sleeve top under the short sleeve is also making a comeback, with people even layering spaghetti strap dresses over long sleeve tops! The colour khaki was very big in 2016 autumn and winter, will it make a comeback this year? No body can be sure it would seem, some think it will be even bigger, while others believe it will die out for good this time!


(Educational Purposes Only)

(All images from Google Images)



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