Hello 2017

2017 welcomes the come back of fashion. Khaki, cold shoulders, the best reminder of your favorite 80’s chick flick…


The cold shoulder… Making a come back from Brigitte Bardot in the 50’s and 60’s, this trend has become one of the most popular items to have in 2017, and we are only in February. Bardot tops are also making a comeback, originating from Bridget herself, as this was her signature look, however fashion companies have adapted the idea now into the cold shoulder, shoulder cut out style.


khakiKhaki, the return of the army prints and greens. Whether you like it or not, it would seem that designers have made khaki the new black – and it’s everywhere. ‘How to wear khaki’ guides storm the internet, and it would seem that every online seller has their own khaki section on their websites, telling you when and how to wear this new green trend.

Khaki is a staple piece, being worn with bright, dull, extreme or neutral colors, and going with everything. Its a blank canvas, that can be worn head to toe and matched with anything and everything.


White shirt dresses. Changes in waistlines and interesting hemlines have added sparkle to the idea of a white shirt dress, and this has made them a staple in the spring wardrobe guides. Layered, or worn on their own, they are the start of any great outfit. A good shirt dress can be dressed up or down, and creates a great illusion of style – no matter your shape or size.


Waist-cinchers. Not an expected style this year, but with the masterful ‘waist trainer’ becoming more and more popular, people have decided to take this into their everyday wear. Stylish yet unusual, this look brings something new to 2017 and is giving people the confidence that they need to wow on nights out, dinner parties etc..kneehigh

The knee high craze has begun. Boots and mini skirts, boots with jeans. Boots have been the biggest trend of winter 2016 and early 2017. Easy to wear, a staple in most people’s wardrobe – these boots are taking over.


The choker, the best accessory to hit 2017 is here. Gold, black, silver. Whatever the occasion, a choker will fit it.

(Educational purposes only)

(Images all from google images)





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