When the seasons change, and oh in England they do, there must be preparation in your wardrobe! From big jumpers to little crop tops, there is quite the change in what is acceptable to wear throughout the seasons, and you don't wanna fall behind... Heres a quick guide of what we think will be in... Continue Reading →


Worst Fashion Ever!

There are many great fashion trends in this world, but there are also some god awful ones that should never of been idolised! I'm not an expert, however I've seen some dreadful trends in my time, and feel that there should be knowledge of where to avoid wearing things that make you look like a... Continue Reading →

The 90’s

The 1990's. The year of the supermodel, Beverly Hills 90210 and Baywatch. All of these things, also brought with them some quirky and memorable fashion trends. It is said by some that the 90's was the best year for fashion - and without a doubt, it was unforgettable! Doc Martens were a strong contested for... Continue Reading →

Marilyn Monroe

She was an icon, a living god in the fashion world. 50 years after her death, she remains a sex symbol and a prodigious movie star. Marilyn Monroe was one of the greatest fashion icons, but who knew that she'd still have this impact on the fashion world today. Marilyn spent much of her childhood in foster... Continue Reading →

Hello 2017

2017 welcomes the come back of fashion. Khaki, cold shoulders, the best reminder of your favorite 80's chick flick... The cold shoulder... Making a come back from Brigitte Bardot in the 50's and 60's, this trend has become one of the most popular items to have in 2017, and we are only in February. Bardot tops... Continue Reading →

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